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Throughout the world video games have become an increasingly popular hobby. The main problem with this is the lack of faith in video games. Many children report a preference of video games than visiting church.[1] The negative views of religion in video games is the likely cause of this phenomenon. Faith is often shown in a negative light; as a means of control, inane worship, or of false gods. This essay will examine the different views of religion shown in popular video games.

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is perhaps the worst example of faith in video games. The various protagonists of the series are shown as having no conscious. The characters engage in virtually every immoral act: every one of the Ten Commandments are broken in these games. Furthermore, Grand Theft Auto IV engages actively in deceit. Two specific examples are their "satire" of Republican radio host Rush Limbaugh(called We Know the Truth), and an in-game television show "Republican Space Rangers."

WKTT, the parody of Rush Limbaugh, interestingly enough shows just what is wrong with America. The station has various callers telling the host what IS wrong with America, with the host responding to these real-life situations in a typical Liberal fashion.

Republican Space Rangers openly mocks conservative values. It features a group of three space rangers, who preach Christian values, as incompetent and aggressive nutjobs.

Red Dead Redemption

Set in 1911, this game shows the decline of the Wild West. Interestingly, it has some conservative values. The liberal run federal government is encroaching on the West, a common complaint of the game's characters. The similarities stop there. This game encourages violence against clergy,[2] the promotion of alcohol, and a significantly downplayed role of Christianity in the West.

The Sims 3

This game is a family simulator. However, this game has no morals implemented into the characters("Sims"). Sims may engage in immoral sexual activities. In fact, this game allows gay marriage. Furthermore, this game does not have a single church for Sims to attend.

Total War Series

These games are downright insulting to Christianity. They portray religion as nothing more than a political tool to keep the masses happy.[3] Medieval II: Total War even allows the player to call a Crusade on other Christian nations! Even worse, it portrays the Islamic factions as peaceful countries (as opposed to their rather aggressive real-life counterparts) being invaded by aggressive Christians.

Civilization Series

The Civilization Series allows the player to control a civilization from 4000 BC until 2100 AD. Religion first played a factor in Civilization IV. The makers of the game portray all religions as equal, with no benefits of Christianity on a nation over an Islamic Theocracy.

Furthermore, this game makes an allusion to Communism being better than Capitalism. The economic civics gives the "State Property" option a low upkeep and an efficient economy. While the "Free Market" option taking medium upkeep and a slow growth economy.


  1. According to a 2007 survey by Gallup.
  2. The in game missions I Know You requires the protagonists to rob a nun.
  3. Religion is only used to increase public order, it plays no role in a country's policy, and characters do not have their religious views affect them as they would in real life.