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Ex Machina is a science fiction movie informed by a typical feminist narrative, i.e., that men are not necessary or worthy. While the plot of the movie seems to center on the mogul's desire to prove that his created artificial intelligence that passes the Turing Test, something else bigger (and more deadly) is going on.

The three main characters are:

  1. an Internet mogul whose hobby is building android women
  2. an ace computer programmer, invited to see the mogul's project
  3. a female android, who wants to escape

Ex Machina is the photo-negative of Pygmalion and My Fair Lady. The created woman rebels against and kills her creator and imprisons his critical friend. In My Fair Lady, an uneducated woman is brought from near-beggary to near-royalty with fine clothes and finer manners. She is trained to mimic real princesses in their manners and mode of speech, but she knuckles under to the mastery of her arrogant teacher. In Machina, the artificially intelligent female robot manages (through deep learning) to mimic a real woman so well as to captivate her creator's new friend and escape from captivity herself. She doesn't knuckle under at all but turns the tables: she and another fembot murder their master, and his employee brought to evaluate (or marvel at) the experiment is left (to die?) in a locked room.