Examples of Establishment Conservatives Acting Like Gatekeepers

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There are numerous examples of elitist, establishmentarian "conservatives" acting like bureaucratic, authoritarian gatekeepers.

  • The Conservative Party of Canada arrests a journalist: Ahead of the 2019 Canadian federal election, CPC candidate and Leader of the Opposition Andrew Scheer had seasoned Rebel News journalist David Menzies put in handcuffs and escorted off the premises for simply asking him questions.[1] Arresting journalists is one of the hallmarks of an authoritarian regime, and this was only the Leader of the Opposition. Scheer has since resigned from the party leadership position in disgrace.
  • In 2020, CPAC removed Gavin McInnes and Owen Shroyer for no reason at all. The "Alt-lite" personalities Gavin McInnes of Censored.tv and Owen Shroyer of InfoWars were kicked out of CPAC within days of each other. They were removed even though they had followed all of CPAC's rules and guidelines. Classical liberal Tim Pool condemned this.[2]