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An 'FFL' or 'Federal Firearms License is a government-issued permit in the United States that enables an individual or a company to engage in a business pertaining to the manufacture or importation of firearms and ammunition, or the interstate and intrastate sale of firearms. Holding an FFL to engage in certain such activities has been a legal requirement within the United States since the Gun Control Act of 1968 was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson on October 22, 1968.

A person who willfully engages in the business of dealing in firearms without the required license is subject to criminal prosecution and can be sentenced up to five years in prison and fined up to $250,000. Dealers are also subject to penalties for failing to conduct background checks before completing a sale.[1]

An FFL is required

An FFL in the following cases:

  • For the purchase of a new gun.
  • For the purchase or transfer of all guns.
  • To send and receive a repaired gun from a firearms manufacturer or gunsmith
  • In San Francisco to purchase ammunition within city limits.

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