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'Universal background check' is a Democrat progressive Police state plan to control law-abiding citizens in order to eventually confiscate all firearms from those citizens, while ignoring criminals who ignore laws by their nature.

Like the gun free zones created by the left wing, universal background checks are another "unicorn utopia" wishful thinking pollyanna fantasy of the Anti-self-defense movement, for the simple reason that criminals by their nature never follow laws.

So-called politically correct "universal" background checks are known to Second Amendment self-defense supporting conservative patriots, veterans, preppers and gun enthusiasts via the politically corrected term "background checks for non-criminals". Criminals, gangs, drug dealers, mafia, murderers, young mass murderers, and terrorists don't follow laws and don't buy guns at gun shops. Such evil people buy their guns on the black market "on the street". They then use their illegal guns to freely fire at will on defenseless disarmed conservatives and never armed liberals.

Background Check Rejection Appeals Process

According to a January 20 USA Today article, "in what was called a “makeshift reorganization” FBI employees tasked with reviewing NICS appeals have been “temporarily” reassigned to assist with the considerable increase in background checks. According to the article, this has created a backlog of 7,100 denial appeals. Suspending the NICS denial appeal process takes on an even more sinister character when one contemplates the chief gun control measure advocated by the Obama administration. Under a “universal” background check scheme, individuals would be unable to lawfully obtain firearms without subjecting themselves to a NICS check. If such legislation was currently in force, an individual who found themselves erroneously flagged by NICS, no matter how law-abiding, would have no avenue to legally acquire a firearm and no means to challenge their incorrect NICS status, obliterating their ability to exercise their rights in perpetuity, short of judicial intervention. Being flagged by a background check is not uncommon, it happened nearly 91,000 times in 2014. And it isn't even dispositive of the fact that you can't buy a firearm. The FBI's own documents say that being flagged":[1]

  • “indicates the prospective firearms transferee or another individual with a similar name and/or similar descriptive features was matched with either federally prohibiting criteria or state-prohibiting criteria.”

The article goes on to suggest, "Now imagine the chaos that would ensue if the the alleged “terror” watch list was fed, uncritically, into this system, adding another 700K or so names, many of which are identical to thousands of other people. The real thing to watch here is whether the “temporary reassignment” of personnel become permanent."

Quotes on Universal Background Checks

  • "If you support UBC, you need to wake up and see the facts of what it REALLY means. Wearing the non-threatening language of "Universal Background Checks," this now popular proposal promises to destroy your privacy and your gun owning rights. It cannot work without a National Firearms Registry. As discussed, this database legislation would follow UBC passage to ensure its "viability." It is designed to designed to disarm all of America, the good citizens who ensure Rule of Law. These people have already accepted huge infringements upon their gun rights and they are done capitulating. Just like the already onerous NIC and ATF Form 4473 process, it will have no meaningful impact on violent criminal access to firearms or their propensity to use them. But it goes even deeper than this. Watch the video for other ways in which this system will no doubt lead to abuses and destruction of Constitutional liberties. Go ahead and hook up the wires."[2]
  • "Criminals gets their guns illegally. They avoid filling out ATF Form 4473 since they never buy guys from a gun shop (FFL)", Nutnfancy[3]

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