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"Nutnfancy" is the nom de plume for an unidentified firearms video blogger and gun enthusiast. He claims to be a conservative Christian patriot veteran Air Force pilot and former Lieutenant Colonel. Creating his YouTube account on July 9, 2006, Lieutenant Colonel Nutnfancy is one of the top YouTube video gun bloggers with over 272,095,511 views and 741,598 subscribers as of February 18, 2018.[1]

Nutnfancy in His Own Words

Nutnfancy's YouTube About Page states:

Welcome to the original Gear Adventure Channel, the FIRST of its kind in the world. It has 1000s of emulators both in YouTube, online, TV, and in print media. Established in 2006, The Nutnfancy Project is ongoing work that serves adventurers, military members, contractors, law enforcement personnel, outdoorsman, and responsible, good civilians. Hundreds of videos exist already that cover system enhancing gear items like guns, knives, multi-tools, backpacks, clothing, dog gear, flashlights, tactical gear, and much more. Vids are organized into playlists. While the gear is core to TNP, the Project goes much deeper. Many Philosophy and Political videos abound here, encouraging service, kindness, service to community, and defense of freedom. Adventure videos and lifestyle show these values, a love of life, sense of humor, and an investment of one's time. The world of TNP is your new online home...welcome! [TNP, 10322 S. Redwood Rd, PMB 038, South Jordan, UT, 84095][1]

Military service

As an American patriot, Nutnfancy served from 1992 to 2012 in the United States Air Force and Utah Air National Guard retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel.[2] Joining the ROTC as a teenager, Nutnfancy said his motivation to join the United States Air Force was threefold:[2]

  1. To be able to save lives as an "A10 guy".
  2. To be able to affect the battle field results on a large scale (e.g. maximum battle field damage) which meant being a pilot.
  3. To be able to leave the military with marketable skills, such as being a pilot.
  4. To be able to have a family early on yet serve in the military, which meant the Air Force was the best choice.

His father was also an Air Force pilot as well flying T-38 Talon, T-38, F-100, and OB-10.[2]

On YouTube and other social media, Nutnfancy hid his actual Air Force experience for years because he was in an active deployment in the Middle East and wisely did not want to post his personal details given the risk from terrorists who continues to target U.S. military via social media.[2]

Advocacy positions

Nutnfancy states that "These are time critical in nature. We will work as a unified team in TNP to protect liberty, protect good, protect the American way of life. We use the political process and demonstrations to do this. We speak boldly, honestly, without fear."[3]

Some of the Call to Action Videos topics include:

  • "Assault Weapons Ban Looms" - 20 minutes
  • Even to Arms: Sheriffs Refuse Gun Laws - 43 minutes
  • Universal background checks: The REAL Meaning - 26 minutes
  • Colorado Magazine bans, Gun Registration Looms - 11 minutes
  • San Diego Threatens Tactical Store with Jail Time for AR-15 Sign - 44 minutes
  • AT WHAT COST: Police Roadblocks, Speed Traps in America?! - 50 minutes
  • Don't Be Fooled, AWB Can Pass! - 27 minutes
  • Nutnfancy Rally Speech at Utah Capital: Official Version! - 17 minutes
  • WalMart Campaign - 10 minutes

Quotes from Nutnfancy

  • "We are shocked at the demonization of the American gun owner after the Connecticut Shooting. This event is fully exploited to further the Obama Progressive political agenda as he seeks to transform this country. At its foundation, as in other countries, is civilian disarmament. As statistics confirm, it has nothing to do with public safety. The last bastion of defense against tyranny will be the armed American and there are millions of us. We never want this day to come but our country is founded upon our option to do so if needed. That the Bill of Rights recognizes our natural rights is no mistake; it’s that important. If the Second Amendment is lost (as this Assault weapons ban threatens to do), then all the other rights will follow. Civil unrest or even Civil War could result." - Lieutenant Colonel Nutnfancy

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