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FUNimation is an anime dubbing company that started out in 1994 dubbing anime. Their slogan is "You Should Be Watching". They're mostly known for their dubs of the Dragon Ball series and My Hero Academia.


When they started, they worked with a company called Saban who did the same thing. They edited their anime for kids until 2003 when they released uncut dubs online. They still did edited Dragon Ball series up to 2014 when Dragon Ball Z Kai was finally released uncut on Toonami on Adult Swim. Before, DBZKai was edited for Nicktoons and 4kids as well as Vortexx.

Liberal Values

Similar to The Walt Disney Company, they were once good but since 2015, they became liberal and started inserting political agenda in some of their dubs[1] such as their dub for Dragon Maid[2]. People got upset but they still do it.

They Long time voice actor fired Vic Mignogna for false accusions.[3] He was a Christian. This led to a great conflict on social media between Vic's supporters and detractors. FUNimation even removed his credits claiming it was a mistake.

Fortunately, like The Walt Disney Company, they still have apolitical stuff such as their dub for My Hero Academia.

FUNimation Now

They have a streaming service called FUNimation Now which streams FUNimation shows. While the service haves some good shows, it has gone downhill.

They removed Interspecies Reviewers claiming it's "outside of our standards" which led to backlash and many cancelled their FUNimation Now service.[4] According to a reddit user, they once removed the cancel button and they replied to the reddit user and claimed it was a bug.


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