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Faust is a famous German and Christian legend about the titular character, Faust, who sells his soul to Satan in exchange for earthly power and extraordinary experiences. There are many recountings of the tale in literature, including plays, operas, and short stories. The most famous of these is a closet drama (a play not intended for production) written by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe between 1806 and 1832. Also, in 1604, English playwright Christopher Marlowe published a dramatic version titled The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus.

The final fate of Faust varies from version to version; in most early versions he is damned at the end of the story, but later authors, including Goethe, opted for him to be redeemed at the last moment. The word Faust means fist in German.

The term "Faustian bargain" has entered the English lexicon to mean "deal with the devil", and many variants on this tale have been portrayed in literature, song, and other media.