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Flashdance (1983) "is the story of a young woman who works as a welder in the day and dances at a bar at night, and retains hopes of being a professional dancer one day." [1] It was a crowd-pleasing melodrama with trendy dancing and high octane rock songs. Dismissed by critics, it went on to be the 3rd-highest-grossing film of the year.

Although she has talent, and a kindly elderly mentor, the protagonist Alex doesn't have the courage to apply to the upscale dance school.

Despite its manifold flaws, for which critics (like Ebert) were merciless, the movie struck an egalitarian chord with its feel-good "go for your dreams" message.

  • Nouri: If you give up your dreams, you die.

Historical Notes

Filmed 36 years ago, this film shows a record player (with an LP), and a pay phone, items all but completely replaced by iPods and cell phones in modern times.

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