Franklin Spencer Spalding

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Franklin Spencer Spalding

Franklin Spencer Spalding (March 13, 1865 - September 25, 1914) was a radical Christian socialist and proponent of the Social Gospel.[1]

Early life

Bishop Spalding was born March 13, 1865, in Erie, Pennsylvania and is the son of Lavina Deborah and John Franklin Spalding, both well known throughout that section of the United States as ardent church workers. His early schooling was acquired in the public schools of the State in which he was born. His collegiate education was perfected at Princeton university, New Jersey.


Once he graduated from that renowned institution in 1887, he became a member of the clergy and has friends throughout the United States who would be pleased at any time to see him transferred to their home towns. He has never aspired to become a member of any fraternal organization and has remained unmarried. Although he seldom takes what might be termed an active part in matters pertaining to politics, he is a firm believer and exponent of the principles of the Socialistic party. Besides being a member of the Utah corporation termed the Episcopal Church of Utah, Bishop Spalding is closely connected with the work in connection with St Mark's hospital of Salt Lake City, and a member of the corporation of that name.


Bishop Spalding died Sept 25th 1914.


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