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Gail Riplinger

Gail A. Riplinger (née Ludwig, née Latessa, née Kaleda) is an American Christian author, former university Instructor, and founder of AV Publications, an organization advocating for King James Version Onlyism. Her books include In Awe of Thy Word, and New Age Bible Versions, which has over 140,000 copies sold. Riplinger has a B.A. in interior design, a M.A. in home economics, and a M.F.A in art, all from Kent State University. She has never had any formal or informal theological training; though she claims having done postgraduate work at Harvard and Cornell the only "proof" is claims she makes in her publications. Furthermore, she claims a doctorate (and demands to be addressed as Dr. Riplinger); it is an honorary one from Hyles-Anderson College (which does not offer actual doctoral degrees); the same school has awarded honorary doctorates to, among others, the horse of John R. Rice.


Riplinger's seminal work, New Age Bible Versions, has been routinely criticized for its poor scholarship, even within KJV-only circles.

KJV-only advocate David Cloud, while agreeing with her concerns about the multiplicity of modern Bible versions, noted that her book contained numerous instances of "misquoting and poor documentation", "errors of fact", "faulty logic", "unproven statements", "amazing statements" such that Cloud remarked "[e]ven the most radical charismatic prophets hesitate to use such intemperate language", and "endorsements" from people who, in fact, did not endorse the book.[1]

Furthermore, Bible for Today (another KJV-only organization) noted that, based on their research, she has not been completely truthful with her past about her education or her personal life:[2]

  • Riplinger has claimed that she wasn't married at a time she was married to her second husband.
  • She has claimed that her two prior husbands were either adulterous or had abandoned her, but her divorce petitions claimed neither.
  • She was in a relationship with her (now current and third) husband while still married to her second one, and married him a mere two months after her second divorce was finalized.
  • She claims to have a degree in "industrial design"; her actual degrees are shown in the opening paragraph.
  • She claimed to have been a professor for ten years; based on other events at most she was one for eight years.
  • She claimed to have six "nationally accepted" textbooks; although she did publish six textbooks they were used only at her alma mater, Kent State University (outside of it, only one copy was found in another university library)
  • She claimed alternately (while doing research for New Age Bible Versions) that she made multiple trips to the library for research, yet also that she was so bedridden she couldn't care for her daughter.
  • She claimed to be able to read Greek and Hebrew, later admitting that she could not.


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