Gay claptrap

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Gay claptrap invades the traditionally conservative and orthodox Ukraine.

Gay claptrap, like liberal claptrap, is a rosy promotion of the homosexual agenda without disclosing all the harm that it causes, such as abusive homosexual lifestyles,[1] shorter life expectancy rates, disease, failed marriages, higher incidence of domestic violence in gay relationships, alcoholism, and suicide. Gay claptrap ignores these demonstrable facts and instead pretends they are the results of societal and institutional homophobia, but ultimately all adults bear the responsibility for their own decisions including pursuit of a homosexual lifestyle. Gay claptrap falsely promotes the "born gay" theory, which is unsupported by science.

As claptrap, the politically correct response is applause while the truthful response is criticism.

Gay claptrap is deceitful in advancing a political agenda where people are less likely to expect it, such as in Disney movies, coursework in public school, or even mistranslations of the Bible.

Some appear to go along with gay claptrap publicly, while privately deciding against the lifestyle, similar to how some go along with liberal claptrap while privately criticizing it.