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Generation Identity

Generation Identity also known as GI or the Identitarian Movement, is a conservative and European New Right youth organization originating in France from the political party Bloc Identitaire.[1] The Identitarians of Europe campaign against the Islamisation of Europe and the preservation of a European Christian ethnocultural identity. Identitarians are opposed to "Replacement Level Migration",[2] a theory comprised by political philosopher Renaud Camus via his book The Great Replacement[3] Activists of Generation Identity are called "Identitarians," and they are well known for their well-groomed and well-kept appearance.[4] Identitarian activists participate in a series of actions and stunts of which it uses to aim to change the political climate, GI calls this Metapolitics.[5] Generation Identity launched a series of Missions known as the Defend Europe missions.[6][7] The Missions operated both in the Alps in 2018[8] and the Mediterranean sea in 2017.[9] The Missions purpose was to turn back migrants trying to entering Europe illegally. The Missions were manned by branches of Generation Identity across Europe.[10]


Generation Identity currently has "Official Branches" in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Hungary and Czechia.[11]

Notable Branches


Generation Identity follows broadly the ideas of the European New Right an ideology/set of beliefs laid down by political philosophers such as Guillaume Faye, Alain De Benoist and Tomislav Sunic.[12] Books such as Why We Fight by Guillaume Faye, A Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray, and The Problem of Democracy by Alain De Benoist are popular works for Identitarians.[13]

Identitarians believe the preservation of a Christian Europe can only be achieved via the methods of ethnopluralism, a belief that all peoples have the Right to a 'Homeland' in which they may remain a demographic majority.[14]

Generation Identity is opposed to the mass-migration and multiculturalism. It believes in the idea of Remigration, a method in which aims to reverse the stem of migration.[15]


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