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George Will

George Frederick Will (born May 4, 1941) is a liberal former RINO political commentator. Liberals feature him as a "conservative." Unlike real conservatives, he has won the liberal Pulitzer Prize. His writings appear in Newsweek, the Washington Post and occasionally the National Review. He was born in Champaign, Illinois.

Political views

Though he claims to be a conservative, Will holds significant liberal views. With regards to foreign policy, Will tends to be globalist and downplays social issues. He criticized the Bush administration for engaging in warrantless surveillance[1] and supported trials for detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp. On abortion, Will believes that the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision was unconstitutional, but thinks that the issue is unimportant, overall.[2] He is also against the death penalty.[3] He has liberal-leaning views on the problem of immigration, seeking tighter border security but also wants a "path to citizenship" for illegal immigrants.[4] At least he supports gun ownership as a constitutional right.[5] Economically, he has been critical of liberal economic policies[6][7] and praised Reaganomics.[8]

In May 2017, Will stated that Donald Trump supporters were "scowling primitives" who "hijacked" the conservative movement.[9] Will endorsed far-left Democrat candidate for the U.S. Senate seat in Alabama over conservative Roy Moore.[10]

Will is a globalist who supported NAFTA and was outspokenly critical of "Pat Buchanan Republicans."[11]

In 2020, Will announced he would be voting for radical leftist Joe Biden for President.[12]

Religious views

George Will says he is an atheist who is "pretty sure" that God does not exist.[13] So in actuality he is an agnostic.

Will also describes himself as a "low-voltage atheist."[14]

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