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Giuseppe Conte (born August 8, 1964) is the prime minister of Italy, serving since June 1, 2018. His government is a coalition between the Five Star Movement and the conservative Lega Nord, with Matteo Salvini being in his cabinet as Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.

Early in his premiership, Conte developed good relations with U.S. President Donald Trump due to their general agreement on various policies.[1][2]

Coalition government

The Conte government developed a strong stance on immigration, because of Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. However, in a leaked audio recording, Conte privately admitted to Angela Merkel that he disagreed with Salvini's policies and actually favored an "open borders" migration policy.[3]

The government relaxed mandatory vaccine regulations, making it easier for parents to prove their children were vaccinated.[4][5]

In December 2018, Conte stated that "if populism means giving sovereignty back to the people, we are proud to call ourselves populists."[6] He also made statements critical of the European Union.[7]


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