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Polytheism is the belief in multiple gods. This is in contrast to monotheism, the belief in one deity. Most ancient religions were polytheistic.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints: Henotheistic and not polytheistic

According to the Gospel Coalition website:

The theologian Stephen Robinson denies that Mormonism is polytheistic, and strictly speaking he is right. Polytheism portrays a world in which competing gods either vie for ultimate authority or have delimited provinces over which they rule. The Mormon picture is closer to henotheism, which posits a supreme God over other lesser, subordinate gods. The Mormons say that the Father is at least functionally over the Son and the Holy Ghost, and they are the only Gods with which we have to do.[1]


For a more detailed treatment, see Hinduism.
Contrary to popular belief, Hinduism is not exclusively a polytheistic religion. This is the reason why there are many deities. A common example used to explain this is that an individual can be called different names depending on the relationship has with another. A man can be a son to his parents, a nephew to his uncle, a father to his son, and a husband to his wife all at the same time. None of these different relationships suggest multiple people but rather different aspects of one person. The same is applied to God in Hinduism, which has no form and is infinite. Hindus may call God, Paratman (Supreme Soul), Brahman (Eternal Spirit), or Ishvara (Supreme Lord). Deities have various names but represent aspects of God that manifest in the world. For example, Agni (fire, Divine spark), Vayu (wind, or breath which could mean life force), Indra (in mythology king of gods but also refers to the senses such as vision, hearing, touch, taste), and Lakshmi (fortune). Some Hindus accept Jesus Christ as one of the many manifestations of God, perhaps as an avatar of the god Vishnu (as one among many avatars, like Krishna).

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