Grand Jubilee Year 2033

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The Grand Jubilee Year, 2033 is an Ecumenical, Inter-Denominational, Christian Celebration of the bimillenial anniversary of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in 33 A.D.[1] [2]

What many prominent Christians have said

Benny Prasad said (about this Grand Jubilee): "I believe ‘Jesus Celebration 2033’ is ordained and initiated by God. I support this vision 100% and urge the Body of Christ from all nations to unite together to celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ’s resurrection, the greatest event in all of history."

Tom Bloomer said: "Jesus Celebration 2033 moves me strongly for two reasons: one, Olivier is taking the time to thoroughly prepare this celebration, especially relationally; and two, the whole purpose of the celebration is to bless Jesus Christ."

Michael Cassidy said: "I believe that there is no event in the history of the universe, other than the creation of the universe itself in the first place, which equals that of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It seems to me compelling and marvellous that a vision has been given by the Lord to celebrate in 2033 the 2000th anniversary of the resurrection of Jesus. May the Lord move believers in His Church worldwide to prepare for this momentous celebration."

"Pope Francis keeps reminding us that all that Christians can work together, they must work together. The challenge of such a project is its preparation. And to share with us a dream for 2033: that all Christians can meet together around the same table of Christ! Our mission is to do everything to make it a reality.”

For him, announcing the bodily resurrection of Jesus is essential. Our task is to express his joy. Jesus gives a divine meaning to our life." [3]