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Greta Christina in 2014.

Greta Christina is an atheist activist, feminist blogger. In addition, she is an atheist speaker and author. She is in a same-sex marriage with a woman named Ingrid.[1]

Greta Christian on atheist movement participants and anger

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Greta Christina told the journalist Chris Mooney on the Point of Inquiry podcast, "there isn't one emotion" that affects atheists "but anger is one of the emotions that many of us have ...[it] drives others to participate in the movement".[2]

Atheist Greta Christina on atheism and sexuality

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Picture of Greta Christina in 2010.

Greta Christina declared:

Personal revulsion should not translate into moral revulsion…

If we don’t like porn and our sexual partner does, we don’t get to say, “Porn upsets me, therefore you’re a bad person for enjoying it.” If we want our relationship to be monogamous and our sexual partner doesn’t, we don’t get to say, “Non-monogamy freaks me out, and you’re a bad person for wanting it.”[3]

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