Grove City College

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Grove City College
City: Grove City, Pennsylvania
Type: Private
Students: about 600 students per grade
Sports: Baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track & field, volleyball
Colors: Crimson and White
Mascot: Wolverine
Degrees: B.A. , B.S.

Grove City College (GCC), named after its location about one hour north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is the #1 ranked Christian college in the nation and also one of the most affordable. The school has long been committed to Christian values and morality, and its faculty members work without tenure. It has an excellent 53-47% men-to-women ratio, perhaps due to its superb engineering school[1] and its ability to have many men's sports programs without complying with the senseless proportionality test of Title IX that governs schools taking federal funds. Most other colleges today are imbalanced by gender, typically 60% women to 40% men.

Grove City College has superb programs in business, political science, math, science, and engineering, and is one of the few major colleges[2] that is unregulated by the federal government because it declines all federal aid. As a result, Grove City College determines what is best for its students without the burden of anti-Christian or liberal requirements, and can base its sports programs on interest levels rather than on Title IX's gender quotas.

Grove City College is historically associated with the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA), but attracts students from all religious beliefs and is probably more conservative than that denomination today.

Grove City College has an attractive acceptance rate of 73%,[3] but it is important to apply early because spots will fill up, requiring rejection later of even very strong candidates.

Success free of Title IX

Grove City College is one of the very few that is free of Title IX and its liberal mandates. Sports programs at this college are based on demand, not on a mindless equality between men and women and their interests in competitive sports are not equal. As of 2023, Grove City has the same number of sports teams available to women as to men,[4] although not necessarily the same total number of players in each gender.


  2. Hillsdale College and Patrick Henry College are the only other major colleges that decline federal aid.