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Guillermo Lasso Mendoza.

Guillermo Lasso Mendoza (born 16 November 1955) is the 47th and current President of Ecuador since May 2021. He is center-right and follows the globalist 2030 Agenda with its 'Sustainable Development Goals'.[1]

In June 2022, Ecuador had a Marxist Insurrection similar to the one in Chile on 2019.

The Lasso administration produced a historic reduction of 7.3 points of GDP since it took office in May of last year. The correction of public finances took place in record time, only in 17 months of administration. Such a fiscal adjustment had not been observed since the dollarization process in 2000.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that Ecuador will reach a consolidated financial surplus of 0.87% of GDP by December 2022, and almost 2 points of GDP by December of next year.

Under this reduction path, the Country Risk stopped increasing and stabilized at 1,446 basic points. The Government intends to regain credibility in the country and to continue lowering the risk premium.[2]


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