Gustav Mahler

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Gustav Mahler

Gustav Mahler (1860 – 1911) was a Bohemian composer who spent much of his adult life in Austria. He was notable for his epic symphonies, of which he completed nine, with a tenth unfinished.

He also wrote Lieder with orchestral accompaniment.

In 1897, Mahler converted from Judaism to Roman Catholicism in order to secure a post as artistic director of the prestigious Vienna Court Opera (Jews were virtually prohibited from holding the post at that time). For the next ten years he stayed at Vienna, where he was noted as a great perfectionist. He ran the Opera for nine months of the year, spending the other three composing, mainly at Maiernigg, where he had a small house on the Wörthersee.[1]

Some works

  • Symphony 1 "Titan"
  • Symphony 2 "Resurrection"
  • Symphony 6 "Tragic"
  • Symphony 8 "Symphony of a Thousand"
  • Das Lied von der Erde (the most special to lovers of Mahler's music [2])
  • Songs

See also


  2. Mahler's Song Cycles