Gustave Boulanger

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Gustave Boulanger.

Gustave Clarence Rodolphe Boulanger (1824-1888) was a French Academic painter. He studied with Paul Delaroche (1797-1856), and was teacher of Childe Hassam (1859-1935) and the American Impressionist painter Robert Reid (1862-1929); Boulanger had many students. In 1849, Boulanger was awarded with the Prix de Rome.

A first visit to Algeria in 1845 gave him an interest in North African subjects... In 1849 he won the Prix de Rome with Ulysses Recognized by his Nurse... Boulanger's knowledge of the ruins at Pompeii, which he visited while studying at the Ecole de Rome, gave him ideas for many future pictures... Boulanger specialized in painting studies of daily life from ancient Greece and Rome, as well as Arab subjects. [1]

Gustave Boulanger Harem du Palais.jpg

Le Harem du Palais, 1877.

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