Hassan Rouhani

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Hassan Rouhani
Personal Life
Date & Place of Birth November 13, 1948
Sorkheh, Iran
Claimed religion Shia Islam
Education Hawza in Semnan
University of Tehran
Date & Place of Death -
Manner of Death -
Place of Burial -
Dictatorial Career
Country Iran
Military Service n/a
Highest rank attained n/a
Political beliefs Islamism
Political party Combatant Clergy Association
Date of Dictatorship -
Wars started n/a
Number of Deaths attributed n/a

Hassan Rouhani (born November 13, 1948) is the president of Iran. He was elected to office in 2013 then he defeated Saeed Jalili, replacing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Rouhani is described as a "moderate" with good relationships with reformists. He ran on a platform which included working to "ease international sanctions imposed on Iran over its nuclear programme." [1] At the same time Rouhani called the sanctions of the USA and the European Union "unfair and unjustified" and is loyal to Ali Khamenei, who holds the real power in Iran.[2] In his tenure nothing has changed, because the real power has Ali Khamenei.


As a teen Rouhani was a supporter of sharia law and Islamism. In 1979 he become an supporter of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and an protester against the USA and Israel. After the Shah was overthrown, Rouhani was a member of parliament and controlled the Iranian media. He was responsible for censoring any kind of information which criticized Ali Khamenei. Rouhani was also a friend of the terrorist Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who ordered the bombing of the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires.[3] Later he was the nuclear negotiator from 2003 to 2005 under Mohammad Khatami.[4] In this time he armed terrorist organizations and the syrian regime.[3] In June 2013 Rouhani was "elected" as president. In this election 686 candidates tried to register but only 8 of them could run. Every woman was disqualified.[5]


Rouhani does not care abot the Christians in Iran. The situation has not changed in his tenure.[6] The western media represented Rouhani as a moderate, while he is enriching uranium.[7]

In July 2014 Rouhani participated at Anti-Semitic Al-Quds Day rally. He declared that "The Islamic world must in unison declare this day one of anger, hatred, unity and resistance against Israel."[8]


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