Henry Langston McEachern

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Henry Langston McEachern​

(The Shreveport Times photographer)​

Born June 17, 1918​
Died September 25, 2004 (aged 86)​
Shreveport, Louisiana
Spouse Robbie Hanks McEachern (married 1944-2004, his death)

Son Robin L. McEachern

Religion Southern Baptist

Henry Langston McEachern, known as H. Langston McEachern (June 17, 1918 – September 25, 2004), was an award-winning photographer who spent his career until his retirement in 1983 with The Shreveport Times in Shreveport, Louisiana. His work also appeared in Time and Life magazines.[1]

McEachern was a son of H. Lang McEachern (1891-1962), an Alabama native, and the former Minnie Kendrick (1889-1979).[2] McEachern graduated from C. E. Byrd High School in Shreveport and was attending the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa when he joined the United States Army. He was a long-term deacon at the First Baptist Church of Shreveport.[1] McEachern and his wife, the former Robbie Hanks (1917-2013), had a son, Robin L. McEachern (born June 25, 1955). Since 1996, he has been the minister of music at the First Presbyterian Church of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.[3]

McEachern gained national attention with his early photos of singer Elvis Presley performing at the former Louisiana Hayride musical forum in the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium in 1955 and 1956. The Presley pictures have been reprinted thousands of times over the subsequent decades. [4] He also photographed all U.S. Presidents from Franklin D. Roosevelt to George Herbert Walker Bush.[1]

In 1945 and 1946, McEachern was the United States Army photographer at the war crimes trial of General Tomoyuki Yamashita of Japan. The trial was held in Manila, Philippines. He was a charter member of the National Press Photographers Association. He won widespread recognition from his numerous photos of police standoffs. A series of shots at a standoff in 1954 showed the death of Shreveport Police Chief E. G. Huckaby at the hands of a fugitive and was reprinted in newspapers and magazines across the United States and abroad.[4]

Lloyd Paul Stilley (born January 18, 1930), whom McEachern hired as a photographer in 1956, said that he "learned a lot of photography from him. But more than that, I just learned a lot about how to live. He was an aggressive, go-get-it type of photographer who demanded excellence from himself and from his staff."[1]

McEachern was a local competitor of photographer Jack Barham of the since defunct Shreveport Journal. McEachern said that his job as a photographer "was to represent everybody that couldn't be there. I always thought of it as making history." He donated many of his pictures to the archives of the Louisiana State University at Shreveport.[1]


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