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Henry Morgentaler, OC, was a Canadian doctor who was a leading abortion provider in that country. He was born in 1923 in Poland to Jewish parents. He survived Auschwitz with his brother but his parents and sister were murdered.

Morgentaler trained as a doctor after the war. He emigrated to Canada and began performing abortions in the 1960s. Since then his clinics have performed many thousands of abortions. Since abortion was illegal for much of his career, he spent ten months in prison. He is honorary president of the Humanist Association of Canada.

He was awarded the Order of Canada, the highest civilian honour in the country, in 2008 for his lifetime of abortion activism, which ultimately led to the dissolution of an anti-abortion law in Canada.

During his career, he was the recipient of numerous death threats and bomb threats.

Morgentaler died in 2013.

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