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Country United States
State Texas
Settled 1836
Population 2,350,000 (2020)
Area (sq mi) 637.5 sq mi
Population density (/sq mi) 3,750/sq mi
Current mayor [[Sylvester Turner]]
Demonym Houstonian
Co-ordinates 29.8° N., 95.4° W

Houston is the largest city in the state of Texas and the fourth largest city in the United States of America. Houston is the county seat of Harris County, with a population of approximately 2.35 million. Some refer to Houston as the "Bayou (pronounced buy-yoo) City."

Houston is known for its thriving energy industry and the largest medical center in the country, as well as the second-largest performing arts district in the nation.

Unlike most other big cities, Houston is growing[1] and has affordable housing relatively close to its downtown. It has benefited from no zoning, in contrast, which liberal cities are very expensive. Houston is also the largest city in a red state.

In 2030, Houston is projected to overtake Chicago as the third-largest city in America, meeting around the 2.67 million mark.[2]

Houston's current mayor is liberal, pro-China Democrat Sylvester Turner, who replaced fellow Democrat Annice Parker after she stepped down due to term limits.


The city of Houston was founded on August 30, 1836. The founders were two brothers named Augustus C. and John K. Allen. They bought 6,642 acres of land near the Buffalo Bayou.

The Republican Party in Texas was founded on the 4th of July 1867 in Houston, Texas by 150 African Americans and 20 whites.

Notable Houston residents

Sports Franchises

Houston is the largest media market not to have teams from all four of the major sports leagues (it lacks a National Hockey League franchise, though commonly rumored to be a prime candidate should an existing NHL team -- frequently the Arizona Coyotes -- choose to relocate).


AM Radio

FM Radio


  • 2.1 - KPRC (NBC)
  • 8.1 - KUHT (PBS)
  • 11.1 - KHOU (CBS)
  • 13.1 - KTRK (ABC)
  • 20.1 - KTXH (Independent)
  • 26.1 - KRIV (Fox)
  • 39.1 - KIAH (The CW)
  • 45.1 - KXLN (Univision; Spanish)
  • 47.1 - KTMD (Telemundo; Spanish)
  • 51.1 - KYAZ (Azteca America; Spanish)
  • 57.1 - KUBE (Independent)
  • 61.1 - KZJL (Estrella TV; Spanish)
  • 67.1 - KFTH (UniMás; Spanish)


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