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'Intellectual Froglegs' is a Southern conservative Christian libertarian comedy blog and video podcast. It is hosted by Joe Dan Gorman from Texas. He refers to his comedy channel on YouTube as "Conservative Brain Candy". He is major supporter of Donald Trump and Ted Nugent.

Host Joe Dan Gorman Bio

According to his website, Joe Dan was "Born in Dallas, Texas, and raised in the hills of eastern Kentucky…. Joe Dan Gorman spent most of his adult life in the southern Arizona real estate investment market…. Where he served as both investor and private consultant. He was also vice president of the largest (at the time) Real estate investment company in southern Arizona. When the real estate market collapsed in 2007, that in combination with a multi-year custody battle for his son— Joe Dan lost everything…including his son. Joe Dan, who was about to run for President of the Tucson Association of Realtors—- went from a beautiful home with a pool in the foothills….to living and working in an unfinished basement for the next six years. In May of 2008 Joe Dan, almost 50 years of age at the time — moved to his Aunt Jean’s Kansas City basement. And he could not find a job anywhere…. doing anything, not even working in fast food restaurants. In 2009, Joe Dan produced his first video… and in 2013, was nominated for Video Blogger of the Year at CPAC in Washington DC. And now… his job is Intellectual Froglegs, where he makes just enough to produce the next episode. Joe Dan has rejected affiliations with corporations that require him to compromise his Christian beliefs."[1]

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  2. "According to the Establishment Republicans...the only reason Donald Trump is doing so because there are so many 'low-information" voters. Personally... I think they're full of crap, and I intend to prove it. So this multi-part series The Case for Donald Trump ---is loosely based on "20 REASONS WHY IT SHOULD BE DONALD TRUMP IN 2016" written by the brilliant A.J. Delgado, whose columns have appeared in Breitbart, National Review, American Conservative, Fox News, etc, AND she holds a juris doctorate from Harvard Law School. Did I mention...AJ is a girl? while I may be one of the 'low information voters' ....AJ certainly is not."