Intelligent design and creationism

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Intelligent design and creationism each approach the origins question differently, although they both reject the theory of evolution. But supporters and opponents of intelligent design (ID) disagree on how closely related the two are. Design opponents generally regard ID as an aspect of creationism, on the grounds that ID's proponents are religious allies of creationism proponents. They also cite court rulings.[1] But in addition to confusing ID with creationism this stance also ignores the distinction between Young Earth and Old Earth Creationism. Most of the time when people say creationism the mean the first kind:

  • "Christian creationists believe God created animals, humanity, Earth and the universe in their original form in six days about 6,000 years ago, a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis in the Bible." [1]

They are no more closely linked than Evolution and Social Darwinism. Just as Darwinism contains some elements which were historically used to support Eugenics,[2] the scientific theory of intelligent design (ID) can be used to bolster the religious doctrine of Creationism.

Atheists and believers both agree that if life has been designed, then this implies the existence of a Designer or Creator. Accordingly, philosophers who deny the possibility of supernatural causation are hostile to ID because it undermines one of atheism's primary arguments against the existence of God.

Frank J. Sonleitner wrote:

Other quotes

  • Opponents maintain that proving intelligent causes or agents is not science but rather the study of theology and philosophy. [3]


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