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Intersectionality is a form of left-wing identity politics and cultural Marxism. Intersectionality, so named because it relies on the intersection between race, class, sex, sexual preference, religion, gender identity, and a myriad of other irrelevant characteristics, is a bigoted ideology used by leftists to make policy. It is constantly pushed by university professors, "journalists," and politicians, along with the rest of the establishment. One's level of oppression is determined by the number of oppressed groups they fall into, and/or where that group falls on the oppression hierarchy. Islam is at the top, followed by the LGBT community, then "people of color," then women, Jews, and WASPs.

Some of the most ridiculous examples of intersectionality include "Queers for Palestine," the racist allegation that white people cause "climate change", "Say Her Name," a gynocentric offshoot of Black Lives Matter, and the 2020 Democrats supporting free healthcare and abortion "rights" for illegal immigrants. Accurate and positive examples of intersectionality include the connection between women's rights and gun rights, activists like Rev. Clenard Childress standing against the actual racism and "Black Genocide" of abortion provider and lobbying company Planned Parenthood, and real feminist Malala Yousafzai fighting for women's education in Taliban-occupied Afghanistan.

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