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James Hoban (b. Callan, County Kilkenny, 1762 - 1831) was an Irish-born architect. He studied architecture in Dublin at the "Royal Dublin Society".

Hoban is best known for his design of the White House. He won a gold medal for his practical and handsome design.

President George Washington and Charles L'Enfant, the French planner of the federal city, chose the site for the residence. Congress selected a design by James Hoban, an Irish emigrant architect living in Charleston, South Carolina for the structure. Modeled after Leinster House in Dublin, Ireland, Hoban's plan featured the Palladian style popular in Europe. [1]


Hoban also participated in projects like: The U. S. Capitol, The first U. S. Treasury building and early buildings to house the Departments of War, State and Navy. [2]

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