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Jay L. Hudson is a former homosexual who is passionate to reach out to those individuals who are desiring to depart from the homosexual lifestyle; while he also desires to encourage and educate parents and siblings who have a loved one who is currently living in the gay or lesbian lifestyle. When Hudson had become a Christian, he left the gay life-style completely and married a woman, Sue. They have three children and reside in Prescott, Arizona. Jay was diagnosed with AIDS in 1994-95 and has been living with AIDS for 20 years.[1]

Missionary efforts

Hudson has had the blessed opportunity to be a part of a mission team that has traveled to Mexico and India, as well as, serve as a Youth Leader and Praise and Worship Leader for several ministries.

Passion for arts

Hudson is also recognized for his passion for the performing arts with his primary love for Christian theater. He has a professional theater background that stems from his early childhood. He has performed in a multitude of recognizable broadway musicals in various venues. He has written, produced and directed multiple musicals, dramas and skits, that introduce Jesus Christ to his audiences. Hudson has over twenty years of professional recording experience with a large repertoire of music (singing) projects. He has written and produced his debut CD entitled "The Reason".


As a published Christian author, Hudson has written the following books:[2]

  • "Red Pumps And A Switchblade";
  • "No, I Was Not Born Gay!";
  • "The Asylum";
  • "The Devil's Misfits: Exposing the True Face of Homosexuality - My Testimony", and
  • "The Feather and The Sword" (2015)


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