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Sexual disorientation

About formative years of impressionable youth
"She was then just seventeen. In that age, everybody is prone to some kind of juvenile imprudence without realizing the consequences."
— Major Francis "Frank" Edward Foley[1]

In a general sense, disorientation is a cognitive disability in which the senses of time, direction, and recognition of items (things), people and places become difficult to distinguish/identify.[2] It can be due to various conditions, e.g. from delirium[3] to intoxication. Typically, disorientation is first in time, then in place and finally in person.[4] Mental disorientation is closely related, and often intermixed with trauma shock, including physical shock. In case of sexual disorientation, the cognitive disability pertains to recognition of own sexual identity, it can also be fueled by delirium[5] and intoxication,[6] and finally ends up in difficulties to properly distinguish/identify a person normal to mate with (i.e. in focusing on individual(s) or object(s) other than person of the opposite sex of legal age instead, See Also: Paraphilia). With respect to sexual disorientation, the trauma shock often comes from child molestation or sexual abuse,[7] respectively. Sexual disorientation can be the aim of pressure groups spreading the homosexual agenda,[8] in order to deliberately augment the misinterpretation of same-sex attractions among impressionable children and young people[note 1] in their formative years,[10] by misusing the ideomotor effect in form of so-called gender senzitization. The so-called 'LGBT' advocates and activists try to stir a politically-correct mass-delusion that insists sexual disorientation, promulgated under the banner of LGBT gleichschaltung term 'sexual orientation', is good and normal,[11][12][13] although scientific devices used for investigation of nature of things, such as thought experiment, show otherwise. According to Erich Fromm, there are hopeless victims of mental illness who are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives, that they do not even struggle or develop symptoms as the neurotic does. Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness.[14]

Types of Sexual Disorientation

The result of gender imbalance are both homosexual and gender-confused sexual disorientation that can be plotted on a scale that measures the degree of this imbalance.[11]

Gender-Confused Males: Men Imbalanced to the Feminine Extreme

A gender-confused male, also called by the pseudo-scientific term "male-to-female transsexual" (MTS), is characterized by a complete rejection of masculine identity. The identification with the feminine side is so complete that the man will resort to surgical mutilation to remove his penis, replace it with an artificial vagina, and fit him with breast implants. This person, who will always remain genetically male, is at the furthest feminine extreme of the gender imbalance scale. He has completely rejected masculinity and all that it represents.

Gender-Confused Females: Women Imbalanced to the Masculine Extreme

A gender-confused female, also called by the pseudo-scientific term "female-to-male transsexual" (FTS), is defined by exactly the reverse process to the gender-confused male. The woman so completely rejects her feminine nature that she wants to "become a man". Since this is genetically impossible, she pursues the next best thing: Surgical mutilation to make her body look like that of a man.


A transvestite is a person whose gender confusion is severe enough to cause him or her to want to be perceived by others as the opposite gender. A Male Transvestite (MTV) will dress as a woman, and a Female Transvestite (FTV) will dress as a man. The confusion is not so extreme that the person will seek surgical mutilation, and he or she may actually spend most of their time clothed appropriately for their sex, but their sense of gender identity is disordered and manifests in an attempt to masquerade as the opposite sex on a part-time or full-time basis.

Effeminate Male Homosexuals

Effeminate Male Homosexuality (EMH) is less severe form of gender disorder in men. A man in this category acts much like a woman. He does not dress in women's clothing or mutilate his body with surgery, but still his sense of gender identity leans strongly to the feminine. This is the "classic" male homosexual type, in many ways a caricature of womanhood; this is the type of homosexual most likely to come to mind when one hears the term "gay man". Some of this is due to media stereotyping, but it is also self-evident that a homosexual man acting like a woman will stand out more than a homosexual man with more masculine leanings.

Masculine Female Homosexuals

The radical feminist demagoguery
"Until all woman are lesbians, there will be no true political revolution."
— Radical feminist author and journalist Jill Johnston[15]

Masculine Female Homosexuality (MFH) is the form of gender disorder in women parallel to EHM. A woman of this type acts like a man. She does not necessarily dress in men's clothing, although she might. The social taboo regarding women dressing like men is much less pronounced than for men dressing like women, so it is difficult to draw a line between the outward manifestation of female transvestites and lesbians in the same way it can be drawn between that of effeminate homosexual men and male transvestites. In addition, female gender identity disorder is much more based on fear and rejection of one's own gender than on attraction to and identification with one's opposite gender. A woman in this category fits most people's idea of a lesbian, a slightly masculine-acting woman whose gender disorder manifests itself in same-sex attraction but not in a complete rejection of her femininity.[9]

The consequences of bad relationships
"Cothran had come into the lesbian lifestyle at 19, after several bad relationships with boys."

There is apparently a connection between feminism and lesbianism. Both claim to fight for so-called "equality" between sexes by going into extremes but ironically the only prevailing result is antagonism toward both men and non-feminist women. Instead of harmony, the typical behavioral trait of many radical feminists and lesbians is spiteful bitterness[17][note 2] transforming into phenomena like pure rage[note 3], an all-cosuming hatred of men, and often a hatred of God also. The shocking depth and intensity of their anger is of kind one associates with deep personal violation or trauma. In some well-known cases, radical feminist leaders report having been sexually abused as children or beaten by violent husband. Apparently, they have concluded in their blind anger that all men are predatory beasts an molesters, and thus these radical feminists are determined to save their fellow women from what they portray as "slavery" and "oppression" of family life.[19]


Moral dissolution before WWI and beyond
[And something else. For a long time you have been hiding your attraction to men, what's called homosexuality. But this became known after you agreed to the shameful affair of citizen V. ... in your apartment, and before that in V's presence you amused yourself with his wife in bed. Do you understand how far you have fallen? You are simply a monster, Yezhov, a filthy person and a pervert.]
«At that time I was very drunk…I don’t remember anything…»
[...we know that you told V. about your passion for homosexuality since childhood and that men could completely replace women for you. You should write in detailed when you became a homosexual and with whom you then became involved in this filthy business...]
«At about the age of 15 or 16 years I had a few instances of perverse sexual acts with other apprentices of my own age of the same tailor shop. ... This vice renewed itself in the old Tsarist army in frontline conditions. Aside from one chance contact with one of the soldiers of our company I had relations with a certain Filatov, my friend from Leningrad with whom we served in the same regiment. Our relations were "mutual", that is the "female" part was played first by one side, then by the other. ... On several occasions in 1924 I had homosexual relations with [my old friend Dement’ev] in which only I played the active role. [Yezhov apparently means Dement’ev played the "female" role.]»

At the furthest extreme of the scale are men whose gender imbalance has left them without any hint of feminine restraint.[note 4] Fortunately there are few of them, because they are capable of the worst atrocities. Many of the guards of the Nazi extermination camps or the tyrannical hangman Nikolai Yezhov who killed for Stalin[22] were of this type.[note 5] Sodomites alias homosexuals Edmund Heines, Karl Ernst, Ernst's partner Captain Paul Rohrbein, Captain Petersdorf, Count Ernst Helldorf were the men who orchestrated the Nazi campaign of intimidation and terror.[23] In contemporary society, such men have often been responsible for mass murders, serial killings, torture slayings, and the like. They seem less like men than like animals to us, since we recognize that a fully human nature is made up of complementary, balancing and mutually restraining male and female components.[9][note 6] In Britain, Justice Moor labeled Matthew Scully-Hicks a "Monster" because Scully-Hicks was convinced of killing the infant, given for adoption to their “gay” couple in “marriage" by politically correct social services.[24]

Causes of Sexual Disorientation

Childhood wounds to psychosexual and/or psychosocial development

[25] cf. Emotional Incest Syndrome

Sexual Abuse

Victims of LGBTI ideomotor effect with reports on early sexual abuse
“Jozef as a child was sexually abused by adult man and in his view this was the cause why he became gay.”
“I have put the childhood abuse, and the teenage confusion behind me. What others intended for harm has resulted in untold good. I have overcome, and will not allow evil to win.”
“These circumstances made me a magnet for manipulation so at the age of 13 an older boy in my church sexually molested me. The feelings in my heart became a vortex of battling conflicts. I hated his touch and I longed for his touch. I hated liking his attention and I hated not having his attention.”
“When I was five years old an adult male confronted me in a sexual manner. As a child I was very emotionally sensitive, artistic, and musical…”
“Finally, someone really paid attention to me. He was an older second cousin who sexually molested me at age 12. I kept this dark shame a secret, for 13 years, telling no one until I was 25. This, and other factors, opened the door to homosexual attraction. ... I didn’t choose to have homosexual feelings. My research and experience has shown the development of my same-sex attraction was rooted in a number of factors: an absent father, abusive stepfather, strong-willed grandmother, passive grandfather, sensitive personality and sexual abuse. These were things that happened to me.”
— Dave, a special guest at the 2016 NEA Ex-Gay Educators' Caucus booth.[30]
“...when Christopher was sixteen years old ... I found out from his brother that he had a sexual relationship with a thirty-year-old man. ... Sure, Christopher may have sought the man out, but no matter how you look at it, this man had used and soiled my son. ...I was also furious at the man who took advantage of my son. Christopher was robbed of the chance to be a normal teenager, and what's worse, I couldn't tell anyone about it.”
— Angela Yuan, mother of Christopher Yuan[6]

Childhood sexual abuse is likely the most common cause of homosexual disoriented self-misidentification. Children are deeply traumatized by sexual abuse and this trauma often results in the adoption of a homosexual lifestyle as an adult. A review of the autobiographies of “gay” leaders is enough to confirm this assertion. A large number of them report homosexual molestation by an adult during their childhood or early adolescence, from the German “grandfather of the ‘gay’ movement,” Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, to the father of the American “gay” movement, Harry Hay, and many of the leading activists of the past half-century. Many men like CNN anchor Don Lemon who identify as “gay” were sexually abused by adult men as boys.[31] Significantly, however, in the case of many of those who do later adopt a homosexual pseudoidentity, these early sexual encounters are not characterized as abuse or molestation, but more often as “consensual” sex.[note 7]

While abuse is a common factor in male homosexuality, the correlation of childhood sexual molestation with adult lesbianism is almost universal, and that of many people who have ministered to or professionally observed women who misidentify themselves as lesbians. In their cases, however, the molestations are far more often perpetrated by men than by women and are almost never later characterized as consensual. Virtually every lesbian Lively have ever known personally was sexually molested by a man when she was a child or early adolescent. In fact, it is not unreasonable to define these women's later adult lesbianism as a retreat from the company of men. The Greek legend of the Island of Lesbos lends credence to this conclusion: Lesbos was a female sanctuary where men were not allowed. Such sanctuary communities are not uncommon even today.

Although childhood sexual abuse does not always result in homosexual self-identification as an adult and there are many adult survivors of such attacks who never adopt a homosexual lifestyle, the percentages of those who have is quite high.[11]

Emotional abuse

cf. Emotional manipulation [25]

LGBTI labeling and suggestion

"LGBTI" labeling—examples
"In a 2012 interview with Pure Passion, a Christian video ministry launched by Foster, Worthen calmly recalled how at the tender age of 13 his pastor told him, “Frank, you are a homosexual.” The boy, who had recently lost his father and looked to the pastor as a father figure, had to look up what a homosexual was."
"I was often told: “You’re gay!” –“What?” – as a child, I had no notion what homosexuality is. Even though I didn't know whom I'm and what I'd like, others were keeping saying that they know how things are with me. Owing to their prejudices, I got lumped in with the cliché of homosexual. If you early embrace the belief that you certainly must be a homosexual and try it out, then, through acting upon this belief, you're at risk to become one! The prejudices may cause lots of evil."
— Testimony in the book Kreuz & Quer in der Szene[32]


cf. Ego-centered thinking and homosexuality

Unmet emotional needs and/or clinical depression

[25] cf. Lisa Miller

OCD or other co-morbid disorders


Increased Sexualization of Society

One of the reasons for sexual disorientation occurring at a young age, and even after people practised many years of normal relationships based on complementary sexes, is the increased sexualization of society. Exposure to pornography and sexual imagery is at an all-time high and serious problems are caused by people being exposed to it at a young age. Pornography is easily available via the internet and it is large money spinner with millions feasting on it. Every type of sexual disorientation can be viewed, what sexualizes individuals, both male and female. The addiction to soft drugs often leads to harder drugs. In the same way, pornography often leads to sexual experimentation as a means of attempting to reap greater sexual gratification.[33]

Response to sexually disoriented people

Full recovery from sexual disorientation takes time
"I began to realize that it had taken many years for me to develop a homosexual disorientation, and that it would take a number of years for my full recovery. But I had crossed over a threshold of hope and I began to feel more and more confident about my new life."

The response to people exhibiting the traits of being sexually disoriented must be marked by genuine compassion. But a central task of genuine compassion is telling the truth.[note 8] Lying is never compassionate, and ultimately may lead to death.[note 9][35] Michael Glatze who was saved from sexual disorientation have admitted that apart from other factors that lead him into experiencing the sexual restoration he was also partly influenced by his Christian aunt. She had always disapproved homosexual lifestyle and Glatze now portrays her as “never judgmental, but always firm.”


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