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The verdict passed on Sodom
"As the sun and the stars do not change their order, so the tribe of Naphtali are to obey God rather than the disorderliness of idolatry. Recognazing in all created things the Lord who made them, they are not to become as Sodom, which changed the order of nature."
— The second century B.C. Testament of Naphtali[1]

The God's created order also referred to as natural order intended for human beings has been revealed in the Bible[2] that clearly defines humans as male and female, not by biological accident, i.e. not by an aimless process of evolution, but by divine purpose.[3] God has established a norm for sex and marriage by creation[4] and has given to humans a bodily structure unique to the man and the woman.[3]

The created order is reflected in the Natural Law and in sexuality it forbids the violation of given boundaries:

  • forbids the violation of the boundary of bipolar sexes by homosexuality alias sodomy
  • forbids the violation of the boundary of family by incest
  • forbids the violation of the boundary of created kinds by sexual intercourse with the animals alias zoophilia alias bestiality.

Transgressing the Created Order

As can be demonstrated, for example in case of homosexuality, by scientific device of thought experiment, people in society can transgress the created order only to their own detriment. That's why the homosexual acts are universally condemned by the whole biblical tradition.[2] Apostle Paul uses the Greek adjective physikos (‘natural’) and expression para physin ('against nature' or ‘unnatural’) in his Epistle to the Romans. Natural (Physis) means God's created order. To act ‘against nature’ means to violate the order which God has established, whereas to act ‘according to nature’ means to behave ‘in accordance with the intention of the Creator.’ What this original intention was Genesis tells us and Jesus confirmed: God created humankind male and female; God instituted marriage as a union between one man and one woman; and what God has thus united, we have no liberty to separate. Moreover, we have no liberty to misinterpret the noun ‘nature’ as meaning ‘my’ nature, or the adjective ‘natural’ as meaning ‘what seams natural to me’.[5]

The perversion of the created order is also referred to as 'an abomination against God' and it may be expected when men put the creation in place of the Creator[4] and when they rebel against Him in their Nimrodian aspirations, i.e. when they exchange the truth of God and reality of creation for lie, and end up in idolatry and self-deluding illusions. An attempt to change the created order of nature is recorded in the Bible as the story of Sodom and the second century B.C. Testament of Naphtali refers to it as the disorderliness of idolatry.[4] The history of the world confirms that idolatry tends to immorality. A false image of God leads to a false understanding of sex. Illicit sex degrades people's humanness; sex in marriage, as God intended, ennobles it. A homosexual partnership, however loving and committed it may claim to be, is ‘against nature’ and can never be regarded as a legitimate alternative to marriage. When standards disappear, the whole variety of antisocial practices together lead to the breakdown of human community and in the end the society disintegrates.[5]

The Nazi resister Dietrich Bonhoeffer claimed that unnatural can have its way at a time, but the life is always on the side of natural. Due to the vitality and power of natural life forms, the attempts for suppressing them will, sooner or later, suffer setbacks. That's why, in long time perspective, if the life will survive the turmoil and distortions of life forms temporarily imposed by unnatural, it will still ultimately prevail.[6] The only question is at what cost. According to A.Mohler, many lives of victims of LGBTI ideomotor effect taking the heavy toll in HIV deaths could have been spared if Christians would have had more courage to impose their natural views on the rest of the society. The fundamental truth of created order runs counter not only to the homosexual agenda but to the rampant sexual immorality of the age. Most modern ideologies are basically just efforts to rationalize unnatural sexual behavior. E. Michael Jones defines the modernity as "rationalized lust."[3]

Theories violating the Created Order

The adherents of the gender theory and its later sequel, the transgender theory, declare that "we get to choose our gender identity for ourselves, to decide whether gay or straight, male or female, in between, or none of the above." The so-called 'gay' liberation movement identified itself as 'LGBT' and later they came up with the anagram 'LGBTQQ2IA', assuring that young people nowadays "can redefine themselves at any time." Scripture however refutes any theory that promotes gender as only social construction or that human beings are free to define themselves in a way different than the way God defined them in the act of creation.[3]

While Marxists tried to destroy the family representing the created order in the name of progress, the contemporary homosexual movement attacks family under the pretext of compassion and equality.[2] The latter one attempts to hitchhike on the very term of family and adopt it onto disguised destructive forms of perverted behavior.[7]

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