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Immorality is that state, condition, or lifestyle choice that goes against common morality. Most Western morality is based upon the Bible. It is debated whether knowledge of immorality is a part of human nature or if it is just cultural.

The indoctrination of Moral relativism and the acceptance of the idea can lead a person to become more neutral towards anything considered evil. In other words, moral values will be so diluted that one might even rationalize stealing and apply moral relativism to justify their actions- even when they had no justification of doing so.

Immorality is a common trait among Atheists[1][2] and Homosexuals. It is usually promoted by Liberals.

It has been suggested that "loose morals" can make a person vulnerable to demonic possession.[3]

Teens using pornography and engaging in premature sexual activity is no accident. Rather, it is the product of an environment, shaped by adults, that encourages this kind of behavior.[4]


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