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Charlene Cothran had been a gay activist for 29 years, experienced a change of heart over several years that culminated in her conversion to Christ and complete rejection of the homosexual lifestyle.[1]

Entering the lesbian lifestyle

She grown up in a Christian home, and had come into the lesbian lifestyle at 19, after several bad relationships with boys.

Gay Activism

As a gay activist, Cothran organized and marched with other lesbians in "Gay pride" parades. As editor-in-chief of Venus magazine, a national gay and lesbian publication, she wasn't about to change—until in 2003 something in her spirit spoke that, "this is that road that leads to destruction, and you're on it." This event triggered a process of her gradual conversion despite she tried to keep herself busy with marches and activism and public appearances. Cothran says she longed for peace, but even in the midst of a long-term relationship, she felt intense loneliness.

Personal Transformation

Then in June 2006, she experienced a personal transformation when she was challenged by local Pastor Vanessia Livingston of Miracle Deliverance Church. That day changed everything for Charlene Cothran, as she finally asked Jesus Christ to come into her heart and forgive her.

Ways to Get Out of the Gay Life

She immediately wanted to share this news with her gay and lesbian followers and wrote a front-page article in her magazine called, "Redeemed! Ten Ways to Get Out of the Gay Life, if You Want Out." Renouncing her homosexuality led her to change the format of her magazine in order to spread the Gospel to the gay community. Most of the response from the gay and lesbian community has been however fierce and negative, although she perceives many of them to be just as conflicted as she was. But there has been positive feedback as well from people who say they struggle with homosexuality and want out. Cothran is living a celibate life now and declares to have no more urges for anyone—man or woman. She is still on the frontlines of the gay rights battle, only now she sees it as a spiritual fight to lead others to the freedom she's found.[2]


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