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God's power to change a person and heal the wounded soul
“Part of the ex-gay movement's mission, surprisingly, has been to educate the Church on just how powerful the blood of Jesus really is. Christians come up to us all the time and make remarks such as, "I didn't know God can change a homosexual," or "That's one of the most amazing testimonies I have ever heard." They really think that this is incredible (and virtually impossible). Because it happened to me, I obviously don't have a problem believing it; however, I often have to quote scriptures such as "with God anything is possible!" to churched Christians. People need to be encouraged to believe that God's miracles are for today and can heal the wounded soul.”

Metanoia is a Greek term (μετάνοια) used repeatedly in the New Testament[note 1] to mean repentance or penance. It comes from the Greek words "Meta", meaning after, beyond, or with, and "Noia", meaning thought.

Metanoia as a change of heart[2] and mind is, together with turning away (epistrephein) from the dominion of heathen idolatry or Jewish phariseeism, the part of conversion, a hoped-for response to preaching Gospel.[3]

Real revolution

According to Nazi resister Wilhelm Busch, when a person accepts Jesus, a real revolution begins in his life. The man who accepts Jesus begins a completely new life, and God gives him his Spirit who changes one's desires and even the way of thinking and entire way of living.[4]


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