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Anthony A. Falzarano (1957-2012) was an ex-gay activist who spent 9 years in the gay lifestyle but later was able to walk free from it. After that, he did not believe that anyone is born gay.[1] Apart from being founder of Cobblestone Realty, Architectural Restorations and Whilord's Antiques, since 1988 Falzarano has devoted his life's work to the ex-gay movement. Thus, he was also a founder of Transformation Ministry, PFOX and Parents & Friends Ministries.[2] Falzarano has ministered to over 600 former homosexuals and their families. He was used as a subject matter expert by nationally known media such as CBS, CNBC, BBC, NET, Salem Broadcasting, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, Newsweek Magazine, C-Span and USA Radio Network. Falzarano has addressed different family protection organizations such as Concerned Women for America, Family Research Council and Focus on the Family. He has appeared on nationally syndicated programs such as Geraldo, The 700 Club, Armstrong Williams, Politically Incorrect, Ricki Lake, The Sally Jesse Raphael Show, and Roseanne.[3]


  • And Such Were Some Of You! One Man's Walk Out Of The Gay Lifestyle — While looking for answers in regards to his own struggle, Falzarano began to uncover a plethora of lies and deception that the well-funded pro-gay lobbyists organizations had planted in the media. This book blows the roof off the political gay agenda in America, but in a kind but poignant way. Falzarano does not believe that homosexuals have a choice in their initial orientation (because it is inflicted upon the child early in life). However, believes that the homosexual struggler has the power from God to reject this false-identity and choose not to be gay. He emphasizes that patience and compassion be extended to the struggler, but grieves over the politically motivated gay lobbyists that are affirming millions of young people into the lifestyle through its lies.[3]


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