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Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX) is a pro-family organization that is focusing on teaching the pro-family perspective to young people and helping the victims of the LGBTI ideomotor effect, i.e. to recovered homosexuals and those who have been subjected to “gay” indoctrination as public-school children. The PFOX's primary goal and ministry emphasis in recent years has been ending discrimination against ex-“gays.” PFOX uses all of the civil rights rhetoric and reasoning that the “gay” movement has employed over the past several decades, but to protect a group of people whom the “gays“ insist cannot exist: former homosexuals. The very existence of ex-“gays” demolishes the “gay” doctrine that homosexuality is innate and unchangeable[note 1]—and gives real hope to all of the many homosexuals who secretly wish to be rid of their same-sex compulsions.[note 2] The PFOX pursuit of equal rights for ex-”gays” in the face of intense opposition and hostility by so-called “civil rights” activists and leaders[note 3], exposes the hypocrisy of these pro-“gay” bigots to the watching public.[1]


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