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Idea of equality and homo-fascism
It is clear to me that a seeming majority of homosexuals actually do believe and adhere to a personal inward ideology that they are fighting for some sort of distorted “equality.” Albeit, their idea of equality could more accurately be described as homo-fascism, because of the way it has become an agenda of forced acceptance and inclusion within our society.
— Dean Bailey[1]

Dean Bailey is an ex-gay man who now believes that what he portrayes as sexual restoration is ultimately a very healthy choice in the end, and not a harmful one. He lives in Texas (2014) with his wife Della and his two college-aged daughters, Amber and Amanda.[1]

Personal life

When Bailey was in grade three, he was introduced to sexual play, including streaking and oral copulation. The experience not only robbed him of his childhood innocence, but awakened in him a sense of sexual curiosity. Consequently, Bailey became preoccupied with images of male nudity and with taking more daring sexual risks with different boys. As he grew older, the sexual activities quickly became addictive. When he was a young man in the military, he continued to crave male intimacy and experience gripping same-sex attractions. An intimate but non-sexual encounter with a military male friend whom he greatly admired eventually led to explicit homosexual behaviors.

Looking back on his past, Bailey says he now sees that he has been brought out of what he calls the “sexual confusion of homosexual behaviors” to a sexual clarity in mind and heart. He has left behind what he calls the “self-defeating environment of my own, very negative self-image” and moved into an unshakable understanding of his value and self-worth as a beloved child of God.

Sexual restoration

When a person abandons their inward belief that it was homosexual behaviors that define them as a person, then they must set out to rediscover what it is that actually does define their personhood. They must learn to embrace and give those higher human ideals a greater value and meaning within their own character and existence, than they gave to the homosexual addictions which they allowed to dominate their thinking and reasoning in the past. Gay activists vehemently insist that the journey Bailey have taken is harmful. They have even managed to get bills passed in several states which outlaw counseling for persons desiring help toward becoming free from their homosexual behaviors and addictions. Bailey freely admits that the freedom He has found is a journey that could very well involve a lifetime, rather than a simple transition of just a few short years. He also acknowledges that this journey will cause some inward conflict, pain and emotional discomfort at times, even when it is chosen as a path. But he does believe that sexual restoration is ultimately a very healthy choice in the end, and not a harmful one. Nothing of extraordinary value is ever going to be easy to achieve, after all. So it is on purpose that he calls this journey a “restoration” rather than a change or a conversion.[1]


  • In his 2011 book titled “Beyond the Shades of Gray,” Bailey wrote about his struggle with homosexuality, telling audiences that homosexuality is a “sexual addiction and dependency,” not a condition to be socially accepted and celebrated. “It is merely one of the many evidences of the broken, spiritual condition of our human race,” he tells people. Most of the book is available online at his website.[2]


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