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A new creation
«I consider myself a new creation. The slate of my mind is being erased and the old thoughts are being replaced with new thinking. What I have discovered in the process is that when I change my thoughts, my attitudes change. When I change my attitudes, my behaviors change. When I change my behaviors, my perspectives change. When my perspectives change, I see life from a vantage point that homosexuality NEVER afforded me.»[note 1]
— Dennis Jernigan[1]

Dennis Jernigan (DJ) used to struggle daily with unwanted same-sex attraction – unwanted homosexuality but later he no longer was one trapped in that bondage after what he describes as becoming a new creation. In his view compatible with Bible,[note 2] this helped him to understand God’s true plan for his identity and to receive the power to put off his old way of thinking and put on a new way of thinking. To his great dismay, the world, sliding down the slippery slope toward "a Romans 1 mentality,"[note 3] has begun to think in an upside-down manner, calling what is righteous ridiculous and what is perverse normal and acceptable.[note 4] Based on his personal experience, he is convinced the facts of truth do not bear witness to the current and popular conventional wisdom of this age concerning homosexuality.

Jernigan has been married over 30 years and lives with his wife Melinda in Oklahoma on the farm where they raised their nine children. He claims "I have never once delved back into my old life." DJ is a much-sought-after speaker, worship leader, and minister.[1]

Biographical Sketch

DJ was born in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. From his earliest recollections he felt drawn to other males. Many circumstances came his way that only seemed to reinforce those feelings. When he was five years old an adult male confronted him in a sexual manner. As a child he was very emotionally sensitive, artistic, and musical and perceived the other boys at school in his formative years as eager to relish in reminding him how much of a fag he was. Consequently, he equated his musical/artistic abilities and emotional sensitivities to being effeminate. In his college days, a friend and mentor – married with children – made a sexual advance that made him convinced this was his lot in life. This was to set him on a pathway of identifying himself as being ‘different’ than other boys and somehow ‘less than a boy.’ He did not think he deserved to be labeled a boy and he did not see himself as masculine. In those early days he began to focus solely on himself and tried desperately to manipulate how others perceived him. However, even then, he became more miserable than ever. When he finally got to what he portrays as "the end of my rope," he believes he met God there who equipped him with a new identity and the power to change his way of thinking.[1]

Selected Publications

Giant Killers Dennis’ personal journeys through the defeat of the giants in his life • What Every Boy Should Know…What Every Man Wishes His Dad Had Told Him Dennis’ timely message to fathers and sons who desire to preserve a godly heritage of what masculinity really is. • Daily Devotions For Kingdom Seekers daily encouragement to those who desire to see and live life from the King’s point of view. Only for those who desire true victory in their lives! • This Is My Destiny Jernigan’s personal journey toward discovery of who he is in Christ • Victim to Victor a continuation of Giant Killer specifically to help get those who struggle with sin or bandage of any kind to the place of victory. • Help Me to Remember a book to help lighten the journey of grief. • A Worshiper’s Guide to the Holy Land DJ’s personal memoir of his travels in the Holy Land (written with friend Chuck King; includes a CD of worship music!)


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  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Dennis Jernigan. No One is Born Gay. Retrieved on 2 Jul 2016. “Sex is for procreation. Would everyone agree with that statement? Do I really need to say more? Sex, in its uttermost and ultimate form is for the express purpose of reproducing…for making babies. Of course, man in his wisdom, believes everything is about him and life is all about getting the most pleasure…leading mankind to pervert and co-opt the things of God in such away as to eradicate the reality of having to face his sinful nature. Perversion is simply taking something God intended for a holy purpose and using that something in an unholy or unnatural way. Sex is pleasurable…but its ultimate purpose is to reproduce the human race. Everything we do to preserve life was made pleasurable by God to insure that mankind would continue to thrive. We need water to survive…so He made it pleasurable to drink. We need food to survive…so He made food taste good and smell good, making it a pleasurable thing to do. We need to produce the next generation for our species to survive…so He made sex pleasurable. We pervert our desires when we substitute something else to meet that need or when we go outside the boundaries God established for our own good. (As a side note, 10-15% of Americans identify themselves as alcoholics yet we do not consider this normal, do we? Why are we showing such preferential treatment to those who want to impose their desire that homosexuality be seen as a normal sexual behavior when only 1-2.8% of Americans identify as exclusively homosexual?) Alcoholics do not want to face their weakness. Overeaters or gluttons do not want to face their weakness. Homosexuals do not want to admit their weakness. Overcoming any addiction or disorder or sinful habit requires work…blood, sweat, and tears. Many give up simply because they cannot withstand the pressures fighting such a battle brings up. I can say this honestly: knowing Jesus intimately and trusting Him for my identity has been worth every struggle and battle I have had to endure. Victory and subsequent freedom are simply worth it. And as we have heard from the military world: freedom is not free.” 

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