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Jeffery Jay Lowder is a co-founder and past President of Internet Infidels, Inc. which owns the Secular Web which is a websites for atheists, agnostics and skeptics on the internet.[1] Christian apologist JP Holding offers several rebuttals of the work of Jeffery Jay Lowder in regards to Christianity.[2]

In October 1997, atheist Jeffrey Jay Lowder stated that he believed that "the most impressive debater to date" was Douglas Jesseph.[3] Yet Doug Jesseph claimed in a debate with William Lane Craig in 1996 that the origin of life had a detailed atheistic explanation(s).[4] In 1996, John Horgan wrote the following regarding what the highly respected origin of life researcher Stanley Miller believed to the case regarding naturalistic explanations of the origin of life: "Miller seemed unimpressed with any of the current proposals on the origin of life, referring to them as “nonsense” or “paper chemistry.”"[5] In addition, in 1996, John Horgan wrote the following in Scientific American: "The origin of life is a science writer's dream. It abounds with exotic scientists and exotic theories, which are never entirely abandoned or accepted, but merely go in and out of fashion."[6]

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