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Jehoshaphat is a Hebrew name meaning "YHWH judges." It is the name of at least six men in the Bible:[1]

  1. A member of David's bodyguard. I_Chronicles 11:43
  2. A priest who helped move the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. I_Chronicles 15:24
  3. A son of Alihud, who was David and Solomon's "recorder" or royal historian. II_Samuel 8:16
  4. Solomon's purveyor in the lands of the tribe of Issachar I_Kings 4:17
  5. King Jehoshaphat of the Southern Kingdom of Israel
  6. The son of Nimshi and father of King Jehu, who wiped out the House of Omri and precipitated the eventual succession-to-the-throne of King Joash of the Southern Kingdom.


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