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Jeremiah (prophet)

Jeremiah (650-570 B.C.) was a prophet in the Old Testament.[1] He wrote two of the books of the Bible: see Jeremiah (Biblical book) and Lamentations. Jeremiah was born and lived near Jerusalem and lived in Egypt much later in his life and quite possibly died there. Jeremiah was accompanied on his travels by a scribe and disciple named Baruch Ben Neriah, after whom the deutero-canonical Biblical Book of Baruch was named.

Jeremiah 1:4-5 is a stunning pro-life statement to introduce his book of prophecies.

Jeremiah was unique among the great prophets in describing his own personal struggles. He was active as a prophet from 626 B.C. until 587 B.C.

Nicknamed later as the "prophet of doom," Jeremiah foretold destruction but also preached restoration and hope.[2] Another nickname for him is "the weeping prophet," as in a movie review of the film Jeremiah (1998).[3]