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Jeremy Clarkson is a British motoring journalist, newspaper columnist and TV presenter, loved & loathed by the public in equal measure for "telling it like it is", often in an amusing way. The latest people he's upset this way is the Malaysian government, objecting to Clarkson's comments about the Malaysian designed & built automobile "Perodua Kelisa". Clarkson basically said it wasn't very good, then hung a brand new one (with 85 miles on the clock) from a crane with a 1-ton weight attached to the front of the car, then afterwards blew the car up with dynamite.

Formerly a writer at the now defunct Performance Car magazine, Jeremy now writes for the Sunday Times motoring section, but is probably best known for presenting the BBC's long running motoring show Top Gear alongside Richard Hammond (aka "The Hamster"), James May ("Captain Slow") and the mystery tame racing-driver "The Stig".

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