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John Allen Muhammad

John Allen Muhammad (December 31, 1960 – November 10, 2009) a Nation of Islam member[1][2] was an Islamist convicted murderer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The forty-one-year-old John Allen Muhammad and his seventeen-year-old protégé, Lee Boyd Malvo,[3] a native of Kingston, Jamaica, carried out the D.C. sniper attacks, a series of coordinated shootings during three weeks in October 2002 in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia - local residents were gunned down while doing the most mundane tasks, like shopping or pumping gas.[4] Ten people were killed and three others were critically wounded in the Baltimore–Washington Metropolitan Area and along Interstate 95 in Virginia. It had spread such fear people were afraid to go shopping, cut grass or pump gas.[5] People stayed indoors, and those who had to go outside weaved as they walked or bobbed their heads to make themselves less of a target.[6]

Muhammad and Malvo were arrested in connection with the attacks on October 24, 2002, while they were asleep,[7] at a Maryland rest stop in a car they had outfitted so a shooter could hide in the trunk and fire through a hole in the body of the vehicle.[6]

Born as John Allen Williams, converted to Islam[1] Muhammad joined the Nation of Islam in 1987,[8][9] about the same time he joined the Army, and later changed his surname to Muhammad.[8]

Muhammad and Malvo were known to speak sympathetically about the September 11 Islamic hijackers.[8]

John Allen Muhammad had grand plans to extort millions of dollars from authorities in the 2002 Washington-area sniper shootings so he could set up a camp to train children how to terrorize cities and “shut things down."[10]

Muhammad trained Malvo in weapons, kept him on a rigorous diet that allowed only one meal each day, and introduced him to the teachings of the Nation of Islam, Malvo said. Muhammad hated America and thought white people were "the devil." He eventually became impressed with his young charge, saying after Malvo calmly shot a man at an Ashland, Va., restaurant, "I’ve created a ... monster."
had indoctrinated him into believing that the proceeds of the extortion attempt would be used to begin a new nation of only pure black young persons somewhere in Canada.
On the attachment of Lee Malvo to Muhamnad, how he was influenced and radicalized:[11]
John Muhammad is his father. John Muhammad is his sole support. John Muhammad is his sole confidante and his military commander. In short, John Muhammad is Lee Malvo's whole world.

John Muhammad had a friend, Earl Dancy. They would teach Lee to shoot. They would take high-powered rifles and take him to the firing range and teach him to zero a weapon, and Mr. Muhammad gives Lee reading assignments and requires him to go to the library. That's no problem. Lee loves to read. He's bright. He's not some brilliant scholar, but he's a bright youngster. 

So he goes, and he follows Mr. Muhammad's directions and reads the writings of Malcolm X, and Mr. Muhammad is not satisfied to just let him have some rest, because he has things for him to listen to in earphones, Mr. Muhammad's teachings put on the tape selected passages from the book of slavery from Louis Farrakhan.
Malvo recalled that Muhammad introduced him to the Nation of Islam and the teachings of Elijah Muhammad. He and Muhammad had plenty of debates, mainly question-and-answer sessions, every evening when he accompanied Muhammad on his rounds. He recalled listening to many of Minister Farrakhan's speeches, such as "Message to the Black Man," "The White Man as the Devil"...

Muhammad was executed on 10 November 2009.[4] Muhammad remained defiant till the end, with no remorse.[7]

10 years later, Muhammad's protégé, Malvo said: "I was a monster."[13]

Islamic Jihad

Drawings by Malvo describe the murders as part of a "jihad."[1][9] It was pointed out: From the beginning, CNN and Muslim lobby CAIR "wanted us to believe that the serial killings had absolutely nothing to do with Islamic terrorism." But a chilling stack of evidence, introduced by Malvo's own lawyers I'm Dec 2003 at his capital murder trial, exposes accused sniper Malvo as an unrepentant Muslim extremist.[14] which tells about his master John Allen Muhamnad, his grooming.

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    CNN downplayed Muhammad's religious conversion — calling him by his old name, John Allen Williams, when his identity was first revealed. Malvo was cast as a clueless dupe with no true convictions. Nihad Awad of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) argued: "There is no indication that this case is related to Islam or Muslims." Chicago Sun-Times columnist Richard Roeper railed against conservative commentators such as the indomitable Mark Steyn, who had taken note of Muhammad's Islamic faith and his reportedly expressed anti-American sentiments after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

    Roeper also ridiculed National Review columnist James Robbins for astutely observing that the sniper was acting "like a jihadist warrior." Roeper smugly concluded: " . . . an awful lot of conservatives really, really wanted the snipers to be terrorists. But they were wrong. I'll say that because they never will."

    Now it is time for Roeper, CAIR and the militant Religion of Peace propagandists to face the facts once and for all. A chilling stack of evidence, introduced by Malvo's own lawyers last week at his capital murder trial, exposes accused sniper Malvo as an unrepentant Muslim extremist. He may not have been a card-carrying member of al Qaeda, but as Claremont Institute fellow John Hinderaker notes on, Malvo was more of a "freelance" Islamofascist — as legions of aggrieved fanatics around the world are.

    Malvo's violent drawings and anti-American and anti-Semitic rantings show him to be every bit as blood-thirsty, hatemongering and martyr-craving as any Sept. 11 hijacker or Palestinian suicide bomber. Among Malvo's jailhouse artwork, (online at fairfaxcounty...):

    Exhibit 65-006: A self-portrait of Malvo in the cross hairs of a gun scope shouting, "ALLAH AKBAR!" The word "SALAAM" scrawled vertically. A poem: "Many more will have to suffer. Many more will have to die. Don't ask me why."

    Exhibit 65-013: The word "INSHALLAH" above a portrait glorifying "Muammar Kaddafi" as "The Liberator" dressed in full military regalia.

    Exhibit 65-016: A portrait of Saddam Hussein with the words "INSHALLAH" and "The Protector," surrounded by rockets labeled "chem" and "nuk" (sic).

    Exhibit 65-043: Father and son portrait of Malvo and Muhammad. "We will kill them all. Jihad."

    Exhibit 65-056: A self-portrait of Malvo as sniper, lying in wait, with his rifle. "JIHAD" written in bold letters.

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    Exhibit 65-133: Reference to "Islamic counter attack force . . . ICAF."

    Exhibit 65-114: Self-portrait of Malvo as sniper. Rant says "they all died and they all deserved it."

    Exhibit 65-101: Malvo's thought for the day: "Islam the only true guidance, the way of peace."

    Ten Americans were murdered at the hands of the Beltway-area snipers. Malvo's lawyers say he was insane and "brainwashed." No more so than your average madrassa student in Jeddah or America-hating cave dweller in Tora Bora. Malvo is, in his own words, a "believer" of Allah and a "soldier" for "JIHAD."