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Lt. John Gibbs (died March 22, 1622) is an early American settler and member of the Virginia House of Burgesses.

John Gibbs was born in England. He arrived at Jamestown before 1619.

Gibbs was a Representative from Captain Wardes Plantation along with Captain John Warde at the first House of Burgesses meeting in Virginia held in the choir of the Church of Jamestown.[1]

Many of the Burgesses were ill and suffered from the heat and humidity. One Burgess, Mr. Shelley, representing Smythes Hundred died on August 1, 1619. The Governor, Sir George Yeardley decided to end the meeting after six days.

Sometime after August 1619 he moved to Westover and received his own divided land. Lt. Gibbs did not survive the March 22, 1622 Indian attack of the Virginia Colony.[2]


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