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John Hawkes or Clendenning Burne, Jr. (1925-1998)[1] was an American author. His works include The Lime Twig (1961), The Blood Oranges (1971), and Death, Sleep, and the Traveler (1974).[2]

Life and Works

Hawkes was born John Clendenning Burne Hawkes, Jr. on August 17, 1925 in Stamford, Connecticut, an only child, who lived in Alaska, moved to New York, attended Harvard University, and served in World War Two as an ambulance driver.[3] After the war, he wrote The Cannibal (1949), The Beetle Leg (1951), a Western, The Lime Twig, a detective novel full of misogyny, The Blood Oranges, Death, Sleep, and the Traveler, full of sex, Travesty, about a writer's suicide, and several novels with more pornographic themes.[4] His works are known for being filthy and nightmarish, and he opposed the ideas of plot, character, and theme.[3] He died on May 15, 1998.[5]

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