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Dr. Johnson C. Philip is a Christian apologist and physicist. He was born 1954-04-03 in Kerala, India, and raised in Kerala, Chennai, Kota (Rajasthan) and Gwalior.

Philip authored more than 100 books and 10,000 articles.

integrated apologetics which is a system of Christian apologetics introduced by Philip. Philip argues that while each school of Christian apologetics contain a part of the truth, they tend to be too narrow to do justice to the broad field of Christian apologetics. He proposes that all these schools of apologetics should be integrated into a harmonious whole.[1]

Philip also founded the first seminary in the world that offers masters and doctoral programs in Christian apologetics through distance education. Known as Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology, it has trained a number of key apologists worldwide.[2]

He is a young earth creationist.


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