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Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology is a conservative Christian School based in Kerala, India and is traditionally Reformed in doctrine. Trinity has over 40 international, highly qualified, and highly experienced faculty members and mentors.[1] The majority of degrees obtained through Trinity are done so through distance learning over the internet. Trinity has students enrolled in over 140 countries around the world. Students from developing countries receive a free education from Trinity and students from developed countries pay a nominal registration, but they pay no fees.[2]


Trinity Graduate School was founded by the Calvin Research Group based in Kerala, India, which is geared toward educating Christians in strong Apologetics, Polemics, and Theology. The purpose is to make theology and ministry related education available via distance education so that anyone irrespective of his profession can get seminary education without having to leave his/her current job or profession. Distance Education also ensures that stay-at-home people and those with disabilities are able to join. Trinity offers Bachelors Masters and Doctoral Programs in many fields of Christian learning.

Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology is located besides the campus of Cochin University of Science and Technology in Kochi, Kerala, India. Many researchers are able to take advantage of this proximity though TGSAT is not part of the Cochin University.


Trinity is fully accredited by the International Council for Accrediting Alternate and Theological Studies (ICAATS) based in Kerala, India. ICAATS is an evangelically conservative accreditation agency that is registered with the government of India. ICAATS is not recognized by the United States Department of Education because the School and the Accrediting agency are not based in the United States. ICAATS is a government approved NGO because it is geared toward theological and religious education, which is private and therefore does not require direct government approval in India. Just as the USDE has nothing to do with theological accrediting agencies in the U.S., the Education Department in India has nothing to do with theological accrediting agencies in India.

By 2013 TGSAT became so well-established and its graduates found their way into so many academic institutions and Christian ministries that they decided to function as an 'autonomous' institution. By autonomy they mean that they will no longer look to external accrediting agencies for the standardization of their course-content. Rather, a group made of scores of their own graduates and faculty members will do the work of standardizing TGSAT programs.

This resulted in Trinity Graduate School commissioning a committee which would announce a completely upgraded program towards 2014 end, which would be many degrees of order deeper and broader than their already in-depth theological and apologetics-related programs.

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Apologetics Courses is an offshoot of Trinity and offers undergraduate degrees in apologetics and theology. This site offers only non degree programs.

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