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Joseph Barber Lightfoot (13 Apr 1828 – 21 Dec 1889), also known as J. B. Lightfoot, was a professor of divinity at Cambridge University from 1861, and Bishop of Durham from 1879.[1]


  • Series of Essays on "Supernatural Religion" published in the Contemporary Review between 1874 and 1877[2] - Lightfoot exposed many errors of an anonymous book entitled "Supernatural Religion". On the one hand, the book was praised by its reviewers and quickly went into several editions, but on the other hand it upset many people by its vigorous attack on the credibility of the early church fathers.[1] Lightfoot demolished the book's arguments so thoroughly, that, according to one bookseller, before the series of essay articles were finished, 'the book was already a glut in the second-hand market'.[3]


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